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Your online CBT program for depression

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Only bad mood
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Do you feel that life is dark and difficult for some time now? Nothing is more fun and every requirement of everyday life seems impossible? Those who are trapped in depression often do not come out alone.


This is why it is even more important to get help.

What is deprexis®?

deprexis® is a new therapeutic approach for mild to moderate depression. It is an effective, personalized and practical treatment program for the symptoms of depression based on the methods of cognitive behavioral therapy. The online therapy program is also used on all devices and recommended by doctors and psychotherapists. The effectiveness of deprexis® in reducing symptoms of depression has been demonstrated in 12 randomized controlled clinical studies involving over 6,500 patients. deprexis® is very easy to use: connect from your laptop and other mobile devices (tablet, smartphone) whenever you like and wherever you are!


How can deprexis® help me ?

Depression, anxiety, anxiety and insecurity are not easily eliminated. Doctors and psychotherapists can help you. One tool that physicians and psychotherapists use is the online therapy program deprexis®. With deprexis®, you can learn you can learn to understand yourself better, to recognize and question your established behavioral and thought patterns. This also makes it possible to acquire more helpful points of view and thus go new ways. deprexis® will guide you through an individualized virtual dialogue that will help you better assess your personal situation and find the right methods for you to feel better.More and more doctors and psychotherapists are offering their patients deprexis® as therapy support, for example, to convey psycho-therapeutic methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance / mindfulness.


Always at my disposal !

You are not always strong enough to motivate yourself and work on yourself. This is perfectly normal, and it would be nice if we had someone who would talk to us and encourage us in such situations. deprexis® will not leave you alone and will help you if you can not convince yourself to work with the program by sending you regular SMS and / or emails (if you wish) with practical suggestions, tips and thoughts. Let deprexis® become your daily companion. Do you have a smartphone or tablet? You can use your online therapy program whenever and wherever you want – at home on the couch, in the subway or while walking in the park. Listen to helpful or relaxing audio programs on the go, record and document your current mood and practice imaging and relaxation exercises. deprexis® runs on smartphones, tablets and of course on desktop PCs. You can stop using it at any time and continue later in the same place in the program (even if you use another device for it).


Do not wait!

Knowledge, skills and experiences that will help you improve your situation are close to you with just one click!

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