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What is deprexis®?

deprexis® is an online psychotherapy program based on methods of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

The effectiveness of deprexis® in reducing symptoms of depression has been shown in 11 randomized controlled clinical trials with more than 6 000 patients. 

deprexis® is very easy to use: you can connect on your laptop and portable devices (tablet, smartphones) whenever you want and wherever you are. It contains 11 modules that help you regain control of your mood and 2 questionnaires to assess your mood improvement.The steps to obtain deprexis® are very simple: 

  1. Purchase the access code
  2. Register in the program and create your own password (deprexis® is highly confidential)
  3. Start the treatment

You can stop whenever you want, and the next time the program will automatically resume the session from where you were.

The duration of the treatment is 3 months, and the recommended frequency of use is 1-2 times per week, for the sessions of at least 30 minutes each.


It is a very individualized and patient-tailored tool that really helps my patients to understand better how to work on their behavior and improve their mood…


I print out some modules and use it to discuss with my therapist, I feel more engaged in my therapy.

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