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Terms of use

Terms and Conditions of Use


Scope of application

Welcome to The following terms and conditions form the basis for the sale of access codes through this website (the “deprexis™ Service”) to the deprexis™ online therapy program manufactured and operated by GAIA AG a company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, with headquarters at Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg 53, Germany, VAT Registration D-22085 Hamburg No. DE 185657998 (the “deprexis™ Device”).

The deprexis™ therapy program is an online CE certified medical device aimed at supporting the therapy of patients with unipolar depression or depressive  disorders.

Please, carefully read and examine these Terms and Conditions of Use before accessing, using or signing in this website. Once you have signed in, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed with these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you shall not access or use this website, and you may remove your registration if you wish.

Use of the deprexis™ Service

The information contained herein is for exclusive use of deprexis™ Service operation and the professionals authorized to follow up on its users. Your access to and use of information in this website are subject to the restrictions provided hereunder. By accessing and using this website, you hereby accept these Terms and Conditions without limitations or restrictions.

The deprexis™ Service is limited to the sale of access codes to enable you to register and use the deprexis™ program and to the provision of information related to the deprexis™ program. You will find the Terms and Conditions of Use of deprexis™  at

The minimum age for the use of deprexis™ Service is 18 years.

The access codes have a validity period of 90 days from their activation.


Servier will put in reasonable efforts to include accurate and updated information on this website, but it guarantees no representations or warranties of any kind related to its accuracy, general acceptance and completeness. The Website’s content has advertisement and information focused on deprexis™ Service and Device, with technical content, development, and final word on data and operation managed by GAIA AG. By using deprexis™ and accessing, using or registering on this website, you expressly agree that the collection of data as foreseen in these Terms and Conditions is sent to GAIA AG, at all times respecting the representations and warranties expressed herein and in the applicable law.

You agree to use and access this website at your own risk. Servier does not offer any warranties on any other parties’ products. In case there is any irregularity in any content, please immediately contact Servier through the following phone number 0800-703-3431 Neither Servier nor any party involved in the creation, production or distribution of this website can be liable for any damage or loss that arise from improper access, use or any inability to use this website.

deprexis™ does not substitute in any way medical monitoring by an authorized professional, and we recommend you to  inform your doctor that you are using deprexis™, so he/she can be authorized to follow up on your development. There is no guarantee as to deprexis™’s benefits, since each person may develop a different response.

Servier shall not be liable for damages or viruses that may infect your computer, device or any other goods arising from user access to or navigation in the website or for downloading any material, data, text, images, videos or audio files from the website.

Price and payment

The price stated at the time of access code order shall apply. It is inclusive of all taxes and other price components.

The payment is made via the VINDI payment solution in accordance with the applicable Terms and Conditions of Use. To learn more about this payment solution, please visit

You invoice will be sent to you electronically.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Servier, its officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers or any other partner in case of any loss, expense, damage or costs, including reasonable attorney fees arising from any your violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Servier respects the privacy of its website’s users. Please consult Servier’s Privacy Policy, which explains users’ rights and responsibilities in regards to the personal data processed through this website. To read the Privacy Policy, click here.

Third Parties’ Websites and Links

This website may contain links or references to other pages managed by third parties, and Servier has no control over or in any way endorse any website linked to its own, and considering Servier has not checked any of the above mentioned websites, the user acknowledges Servier is not responsible for the content in someone else’s page. Those links are shown as convenience. Likewise, this website can be accessed through links from third parties over which Servier has not control. Servier makes no representations or warranties of any kind related to the accuracy, general acceptance and completeness of any information in said websites and it shall not be liable for any damage or loss of any kind that may arise from said content or information. The inclusion of any link from third parties does not imply any endorsement or recommendation from Servier.


Cookies are text files that are stored automatically in the visitor’s browser when an online presence is called. This website uses cookies to make the offer more user-friendly and more functional. Thanks to these files it is possible, for example, that you will be able to display information tailored specifically to your interests on the page. Security-related functions to protect your privacy are also made possible through the use of cookies. The exclusive purpose is to tailor our offer to the best of your needs and to facilitate navigation.


Non-Confidential Information

Subject to any terms and conditions applicable under our Privacy Policy, all communication or other material provided by you to Servier through the internet, or disclosed on the website, through email or anyhow, including but not limited to questions, comments, and suggestions shall be initially deemed not to be confidential or protected. Servier shall have no obligation of any kind in regards to said information. Servier shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in said communication for any purposes, including but not limited to the development, making and commerce of products. If you wish to maintain any information confidential, please write to us.


All products names, visually accessible or not, branded or not, are trademarks owned by Servier, its affiliates, related companies, licensed holders or collaborative partners, unless indicated otherwise. The use or improper use of said trademarks or any other material, unless permitted, is expressly prohibited and may be a breach of copyrights, trademark, privacy laws and regulations or communication by-laws. Please, be aware that Servier actively and assertively defends its intellectual property rights as broadly as allowed by law.


All content in this website is subject to copyrights. Copyright © 2018 Servier. All rights reserved. The content in the website shall not be copied in any different way from the individual commercial reference maintaining all copyrights or any other property rights, and after that it shall not be recopied, reproduced or in any other way redistributed. Except as expressly prohibited herein, you shall in no other way copy, display, download, modify, reproduce, repost or retransmit any information, text or documents from this website or any part hereof in any electronic medium or hard drive, or create any by-product based on these images, text or document, without Servier’s express written consent. Nothing here shall be interpreted as granting by implication, interdiction or in any way license or right over any of Servier’s or third party’s patents or trademarks.

Governing Law

This website and its contents have been developed and shall be governed according to the laws and regulations of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Although the information hereunder is accessible to users in other locations, the information regarding Servier’s products are exclusively intended for health professionals in accordance to the laws and regulations in force. Other countries may have different laws, regulatory requirements, and medical practices from Brazil’s. This website has links to other pages produced in several operating divisions and subsidiaries, which may be outside Brazil. These websites may contain information that is only appropriate to that particular origin. Servier has the right to limit the supply of its products or services to any person, geographic location or jurisdiction and/or to limit quantities of any product or service supplied. The fact that a Servier’s product or service is mentioned in any website from any of its divisions, subsidiaries or affiliates outside Brazil does not mean said product or service is available in the user’s specific location. Users shall consider the information specifically created for that location. Any offer for any product or service in the website shall be considered void where it is legally prohibited. Any legal action or procedure in regards to this website shall be submitted to the State Capital of Rio de Janeiro, as the competent jurisdiction.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use is found to be illegal, void or unenforceable under any applicable law, then such provisions shall be excluded without affecting the remaining provisions herein. Servier has the right to alter or exclude any material from this website at any time and at its sole discretion.

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